Thursday, June 30

"Watching" Wimbledon

for those of us tennis whores who live in the U.S. and are forced to "work" for a living, finding a decent way to follow Wimbledon matches throughout the fortnight is challeging. tennis is best experienced *live*-- you can't appreciate the mix of athletic prowess and shot strategy that goes into this sport by watching the points change on an online scoreboard. it's just not the same. but i give kudos to the official Wimbledon website, who's nifty real-time scoreboard provides an abundance of geeky tennis stats (wha? Davenport's 1st serve % is less than 60%) and match tracking options (the Shot Tracker function is very cool-- giving viewers an animated simulation of how certains points are won).

but what i want is live streaming video. short of me placing a tv in my cube (now, you think the boss will get suspicious?), where can i get access to this? especially since tomorrow is the gentlemen's semis-- i'd love to see federer kick some hewitt ass while i pretend to work on a price model.

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