Monday, May 15

De-coded. Finally.

I JUST finished reading Da Vinci Code. I know. I am SOOOOO behind. Crazily enough, I successfully sheltered myself from all things Code-like the past few years. I’m that stupid girl who screams like a little bitch whenever someone attempted to reveal a slight plot point. I even hid behind my coat and plugged my ears really tight during trailers for the movie. The thing is, I friggin hate hardcover books (I only made exceptions for Harry Potter, and even then, I wouldn’t buy the book) and the stupid publishing company milked the book’s success for its every penny by waiting until late March 2006 (that’s three years AFTER the book was officially went to press) to release not one, but TWO paperback versions. One is larger and the other is thicker. I’m talking about books here.

It wasn’t easy to achieve blissful ignorance. Especially the last few months with the publicity machine spewing endless trailers, interviews, and debates leading up to the movie’s upcoming release. But it worked. I read the whole thing cover to cover without a true inkling of what would go down (although, c’mon! some plot points were predictable). And although I found Dan Brown’s writing style to be laughable and highly un-literary…it was still a DAMN GOOD READ. Great pacing, amazing details, clever twists. And I loved that for better or worse (who knows how “factual” the facts were), I learned so much about history, religion, and art. So now, with the book’s fine points still fresh in my head, I’m hoping that Opie, Tom, and Audrey don’t screw things up. No pressure.

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Dan, Lover of Dim Sum said...

You should read the other one...its like a guided tour through rome. Also it has a bomb and murder! Also it isn't being made into a movie....yet.

OK, you gotta read "The Historian"..its so much better!