Monday, August 21

What a Wonderful Town!

Today was my first full day back in Manhattan in weeks—WEEKS! And to think I had so much fun this summer in our nation’s capital that I almost forgot the big and little details that underline my love for this city. New York is not for everyone—it just isn’t. It’s smelly, dirty, crowded, and noisy. But it’s also dynamic, diverse, strong, and energizing. And it teaches you to walk fast. I am most definitely a fast walker.

So today, after six hours locked inside a court room doing my civic duty (ah jury duty…), I went out for a long walk—from downtown up through Chelsea, sweating out my thoughts and re-tracing the reasons that make New York so special…five favorites from an un-countable list of favorites:

1. The Chrysler Building
It’s the one thing I look for in the skyline when I approach the city from the N.J. Turnpike…not the Empire State Building…but the Chrysler. Its beautiful art-deco exterior is classic and unique in a city packed with skyscrapers that often lack character. In my first NY apartment, I had a direct view of the Chrysler building right out my kitchen window. Wish I spent more time appreciating that view…

2. Hudson River
Yes, one of the rivers is prettier. Sorry, but the East River is ugly whereas the Hudson, drenched with sun, shimmers. Sure, I may not want to swim in it (though some do) but I do enjoy looking at it, especially when you walk along the recently re-furbished esplanade that curves round Lower Manhattan and up towards midtown, where there’s ample grassy spots to lay out on, numerous recreational facilities (including an awesome set of tennis courts by Canal Street) and modernized piers to walk out to…

3. West Village
This will always be my favorite NY neighborhood. When you’re here, you don’t realize you’re in a big city…instead, you get lost down winding streets lined with old brownstones where sometimes the addresses count in half increments…

4. Central Park
The center of Manhattan—without the park, the city loses its heart, its essence. I love sitting out on a bench drinking coffee and reading the paper on a Sunday…or picnicking with friends at one of the summer’s many cultural activities on the Great Lawn…or just plain people watching (aka trolling for hot men with their shirts off playing frisbee) at Sheep’s Meadow. wander to the park’s northern regions, and you find truly quiet sections made for solitary reflection (like the Conservatory Gardens i stumbled upon last summer).

5. The Mets
Nothing connects you to a city like a sports team. And The Mets are my sports team. First thing I did when I got back to NYC? Go to a Mets game. Whether they’re in contention or breaking your heart cuz they’re sucking so bad…I stick by my team.

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