Monday, November 13

Retail Therapy

it is true. i'm a shopaholic. brand names don't matter to me so much as a good deal. i love that feeling of putting on something shiny and new but knowing the little secret to what a great price i scored for it. it gives me a pep in my step, provides a better upper than any drug can truly offer.

so i owe lots of thanks to dearest Holly for the best b-day gift ever! the gift of shopping. we went to 2nd annual lucky shops event here in nyc last friday for a day of total indulgence (so much so, i believe we both went over-budget). there were crowds of girls, yes. and sure, i had to strip down to my skivvies in public to try on stuff...but that is the sacrifice for a great deal. serious brand names at more than 50-60% off! thank goodness they offered free chair massages, free ice cream, free coffee, and free cocktails as a way to wind down after all the hard core shopping. it was also such a great stress-relief for me, as i've been going through a pretty overwhelming schedule of classes, work, and what not. so what if i have to find a way to pay for this stuff? at least i get to feel good about myself when i put my new duds on. thanks again, holly!

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