Friday, December 1

Much Ado

to the handful of people who may read this blog, i say to you: do not fear. i am fine. promise. despite my occasional bouts with sadness , i am not ready to throw myself off a subway platform or anything. i mean, why do that when i can just drink myself into oblivion? hehe. just kidding. sorta. there's barely any liquor in my apartment anyway. but seriously, thanks for caring and worrying.

now, what can rescue a girl from a serious case of the blues? well, tv of course! yes, i am an easy sell. but c'mon, i only have so much. so to that i say: Scrubs! is back! on Thursday! it's amazing how much this show continues to make me crack the eff up. loved seeing the cast breaking down to an 'N Sync ringtone. and the little detail of how JD got his girl preggers? omg, HIL-arity. and of course, there's just Mr. Zach Braff himself. still dorky, still cute, still love him.

and because my most significant relationship is indeed with my television, i now have yet another show to obsess over. bye bye ladies of Sex and the City, and welcome My Boys. its a new comedy on TBS where the heroine--PJ--is the anti-Carrie Bradshaw. she doesn't wear manolos, she wears sneakers. and she drinks beers. and her best friends are a bunch of guys that she mocks and plays pokers with. despite the fact that sometimes, the show seems like a 30 minute advertisement for , i immediately fell for these characters and the natural chemistry/camraderie they exude. in the first ep, PJ's attempt at a Booty Call made me laugh so loud, i think my near-deaf neighbor maybe heard me. guess my hibernation buddy this winter is most certainly my tv.

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