Tuesday, May 29

and THIS is why...

you know how every joke is also really a half-truth? well, Y and I like to joke around and play this game we call 'and this is why we're single.' it's really not a game so much as a saying we employ every time we do something stupid. which (shockingly) happens often. like when we yell at each other at whisper-distance inside her apartment. or when i recount many a post-drunken rampage. or when i cackle instead of giggle like a fair maiden (or in Y's case, when she snorts). the list is endless.

this past weekend was a prime example of 'and this is why...' over-usage. i was down in d.c. for the long weekend after Y suggested (ironically?) that we go memorial hopping--since, who else on MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND would have the same exact idea? um, yeah. and it was really fun when it wasn't hellishly hot. so in an attempt to NOT belabor our most favored conversation topics (boys, tv, our silly friends, and of course...boys), we indulged in some uber-dorkiness while monument hopping. see exhibit A:

this was of course taken while a Hot Guy walked by. thus, and this is why i'm single...

then, playing the role of Asian Tourist with a look! i'm a giant! compared to the lincoln memorial:

i was laughing hysterically through some of these photos that i almost fell into the tidal basin. which would have warranted yet another reason for why...oh you get the point! it's never-ending! and it didn't help that not only was the City built on a Swamp boiling over with humidity, but an unseasonable wind would often kick up (literally) my skirt to reveal my goods to a bevy of homeless men, metro riders, and an entire corner of Dupont Circle where i am sure a sidewalk full of restaurant patrons enjoying brunch were thrilled to see that i was wearing floral undies. at least i didn't go commando. see? this is why i'm single. you can't take me anywhere!


Holly Golightly said...

awesome pics, hunbun! i want to see more? what about the one with you sitting on top of the wash monument?? i should play tourist and indulge in these hilarious photos one day.

Tim said...

At first I thought you were giving the finger to the Washington Monument, and I thought, "No! No! This cannot be!"

When I had the photo analyzed, they said it was trick photography meant to look like you're holding the side of the monument.

Don't scare me like that!