Wednesday, August 22

GROM: my summer obsession

if i had the choice, i'd always choose savory over sweet. but when i noticed the signs go up in late spring that an "authentic" italian gelato shop was opening in my hood, i shoved skepticism aside and waiting anxiously for opening day. well, three months obsession has emerged. and i'm not the only one flocking to Grom for weekly gelato fixes. fawning reviews from nymag and and nytimes declaring it the Best Gelato in NYC helped spawn lines that crawl down broadway--sometimes stretching nearly two blocks down broadway. for those foolish to think the wait is not worth it, then i give you exhibit A: i've sent nearly a dozen friends (including some hard core foodies) over to Grom and all of them would call me within moments of their first taste, proclaiming the gelato's orgasm-inducing frenzy.

the secret to Grom is it's operating model: all of the gelato is produced centrally in Turin, Italy, ensuring only the highest quality product (they source ingredients from only specific regions and run an organic farm that produces all the fruit for their incredibly fresh sorbets) and gives the taster a legitimate, authentic experience. the menu features italian flavors that i can barely pronounce, but one taste usually forces an involuntary verbal reaction in the form of a "holy shit!" and any stress from the day is immediately wiped away. the hazelnut is ridiculously rich and creamy but my current go-to combo is the lighter yogurt gelato paired with a melon or strawberry sorbet. there are no words...

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