Wednesday, May 25

Fountains of Wayne Rock!

the other day, i went to the Fountains of Wayne concert at Central Park. it was part of this sing-a-thon fundraiser type event to raise money for homeless children. and as the sage FoW lead singer said-- who doesn't support children without homes? hehehe. okay, lame joke. in any case, for those that don't know FoW outside of their pivotal radio-hit-turned-pepsi-commercial-theme-song tune "Stacy's Mom"-- they are a fun, laid-back, tongue-in-cheek power pop band from new york. their songs are about everyday things: an asshole boss, a shitty relationship, why high school sucked, and of course, know, regular stuff. but each song is infused with catchy hooks and up-tempo, rock-out guitar riffs. despite the lack of a real audience(the rain didn't help) FoW gave an energetic, self-deprecating performance of some of their best tracks. some personal faves of mine: "Hey Julie!," (a personal anthem when i'm having a crappy day at work) done acoustic style, "Hackensack," and "Radiation Vibe." good stuff. and despite an awesome 9'X 12' plastic tarp my friend W (genius!) brought for us to huddle under(which resulted in a narsty-ass viral infection i'm still forced to endure), they have become, in my mind, a band I must catch live as MUCH AS POSSIBLE. check out more about them here.

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