Monday, May 23

To Do Lists

for the past month, i've been watching The Today Show's "Live for Today" segment. they've compiled a list of the 50 Things to Do in A Lifetime and go on to fulfill each one with a lucky viewer. sometimes it's cheezy, sometimes i cry...but honestly, i found it to be vaguely inspiring. i mean, who doesn't have a list of things they want accomplish in their life? even people who don't make lists have a list like this.

so this will be Part I of an infinity number of lists i plan to compile. this can of course range from a list of "favorites" (books, movies, albums, foods etc.) to a list of ideals (men, vacations, etc.) to the the ol' mundane grocery list (hey, i need to write things down somewhere...hehe). so here goes...

My Top Ten Things to Do In My Lifetime

first, i just want to preface this with saying that some things i've always wanted to do i've been lucky enough to already achieve. for instance, i've always wanted to go ziplining and swim with sharks. well, if you read my Belize post...check. and check. not that i wouldn't want to do those things again...but this is a list of things that STILL NEED TO BE DONE in my lifetime. also, "things to do" don't necessarily equate to "crazy adventure-y stuff" but can be simple dreams too (see # 9). and lastly, this is my top ten for can and will change as something is achieved...or if the dream just doesn't seem that important any more.

1. Visit my parents hometown

Both my parents were both born in Southern China, outside the city of Guangzhou. My dad immigrated to the U.S. as an 8-year old kid; my mom moved to Hong Kong prior to immigrating to the U.S. via Canada as a 16 year old. although we've taken two family vacations to China, we have not yet ventured into the villages they were born in. i know that this is a dream of my parents too so i hope to share this experience with them.

2. Go Skydiving

Back in 2001, i had planned a trip with some girlfriends from work to go skydiving on Long Island. Unfortunately, we had planned to go the week after September 11...needless to say, none of us had the desire (or the guts) to throw ourselves out of a plane after all the trauma we endured during that terrible time. however, i am ready now and am looking for jumping partner...preferably one who won't let me chicken out before the doors open!

3. Become a Mother

This "goal" is a little out of my control...but i hope it happens...

4. Play tennis at Wimbeldon

Okay, I am not even close to good enough to step onto Wimbledon's fabled centre court BUT i am an ardent tennis fan and despite my poor serve, it's the sport i truly love playing. so although one of my dreams is to attend a Wimbeldon final and have a bowl of strawberries & cream, i think it would be so KICK ASS to get a chance to play on one of their grass courts, hit a backhand down the line and pretend to scream in victory!!! oh, and preferably play with a hot pro on the other side of the net. but i probably shouldn't dream too much.

5. Explore the Galapagos Islands

it has been my dream to travel to the place where Darwin founded his theory on evolution. anyone who knows me will be quick to say that science is not my best subject. but my inner geek has always wanted go, learn about its unique ecosystem, and maybe play with seals...

6. Start my own business

This is my practical goal. I have no idea what my Big Idea is going to be yet...but I think running my own business--be it a consulting firm or a nonprofit org-- may become my most rewarding professional accomplishment.

7. Sing in a cabaret lounge

no, not a karoake lounge...a cabaret lounge. i am not a great singer (although i pretend to be one in my shower) but singing old school gershwin or cole porter tunes at a piano lounge would be a weird fantasy come true... let's just hope i don't break any ear drums.

8. Hike the grand canyon with my brother

five years ago, i was looking down into towards the colorado river deep inside the grand canyon and thought-- my bro and i should totally hike down there together. it will be grueling, but will make for an amazing sibling-bonding experience. you see, my bro feels as if he's been hampered in his life from doing fun, outdoorsy activities due to our over-protective and conservative parents. we're totally different people, but in those rare opportunities we've gone hiking-- its been a pretty good time. so as pseudo-independent adults, i'd like the chance to do this some place very idyllic and american like the grand canyon or yellowstone...

9. Find my elementary school crush

Okay, I'm a dork. but i've always wanted to find this guy i had a crush on in 5th grade...he was my first REAL CRUSH and it would be kinda fun (and awkward) to see what he looks like now and maybe, oh i don't know...have dinner and get married...okay, just kidding about my marriage part. maybe.

10. Write a book

this is a pipe dream i've nursed since i won a writing contest in 5th grade. sadly, i have not much to show since then asides from a crap journal and this silly blog. i'd love to do a series of travel essays...or write a comic memoir about my dysfunctional (but loving) family...

10 + 1. (hee, i couldn't stop at 10) Learn to Tango in Argentina

Remember that scene in "Scent of a Woman" where a blind Al Pacino tangoes in a restaurant with a stranger? Yea, me too. its a good scene. and the tango is one of those Great Passionate Dances that i must Argentina. preferably after a really good steak dinner. i hear they have really good meat there...mmm...meat...


Dan, Lover of Dim Sum said...

Lists are so fun!!! I especially like your goal of the Cabaret Bar thing. I will totally sit at the bar that wraps around the piano or a nearby table drinking a martini and drunkenly yelling out at the end of each number "You tell 'em sister!!!" and "Can this broad sing or what!!?"

P.S. Adding your blog to my site.
P.P.S. I think you should do a write-up on your mom

Travelchick76 said...

i totally want to skydive and visit the galapagos islands too sometime! let me know when you do.


matpalm said...

you _will_ love skydiving. i've been 30 odd times now and just
thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

the bell ringing and light flashing telling everyone to get ready cause
your on jump run. the change in the sound of the engine as they lower
the throttle. the little blast of air and the wind volume increase as
someone opens the door. the feel of the floor or the roof because your
palms are clamy. the smell of fear and aviation fuel. the look on
other peoples faces (first timers mostly!) the amazing whooshing sound
as people exit, almost like they are being sucked out. the ever so
slight lift of the plane as each group goes. edging to the door and
realising it's actually _open_, and you're planning to jump out.
being in the door, totally peaking cause your brain has just turned

and then finally exiting! BAM! and it's not like a gradual thing either,
like a slowly turning reality dial; it's like a big switch, you are
either in the plane or you're not!

my memories of the inside of a skyvan (our local jump plane), especially
for my first dozen or so jumps, are the most vivid i have.

and the exit is the biggest peak of all. make sure you really make an
effort to focus on what is happening and ennnnjoyyyyyyyyy the flight!

Dusty said...

Hey, good luck with your goals, I also thought you might find / interesting, you can create a list of the things you want to do in your lifetime.