Tuesday, May 3

ugh, has it really been TEN YEARS?!?!

last night, i received my invitation to my ten year high school reunion. that's right, TEN FRIGGIN YEARS. sometimes the decade went by waaaaay too quickly as i am definitely not close to where i thought i would be at this point in my life. let's see, at 16, i was convinced that by the time it was 10-year reunion time, i'd surely be married (ahem, nope. certifiably single here) and possibly pregnant (good LORDY no, not even close to ready for that) and very much settled in my life (settled? dude, i can barely decide what to wear in the morning).

sigh. guess a teenage outlook into the future is much too misinformed. let's just hope everyone else's was as well. my goal, go for the fun of it...because the gossip factor will be too much to resist...plus the prospect of showing up those that tortured you in the past. high school was not my favorite time (honestly, i was glad to leave) but i got through it without so much trauma to need therapy. yet. however, i can't say the same for my FIFTH year reunion (you know who you are...screaming my name when my former high school crush walked into the room, can we say, age-regression?). and to a particular friend (you know who you are)...if you're reading this, you MUST make the trip back with me.pretty please? its my birthday weekend and i will NEED a drinking companion!

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