Wednesday, May 4

Wha??? Can Men Hear it Too?

a few years back, the media was a-buzz with a study confirming that a woman's fertility begins to decline once they reach the age of 27. in fact, most articles came with a fun little graph to remind you exactly when The Decline begins and The Clock starts to get really loud. This! That's when you become desperate!

of course, the news also released a slew of talk about the plight of the Aging Single couldn't turn on the tv or open up a magazine without the deluge of warnings: The risks of putting your career before marriage! More women over thirty struggle to get pregnant! Don't. Wait. Too. Long.

last year, i turned 27 and haven't heard the tick tick tick of desperation. yet. but you can imagine my relief, and secret glee, to the recent news that wait--MEN hear it too!
yes siree, defying stereotype, it seems that the other gender is also physiologically wired to-- gasp!-- settle down, make babies, and purchase a minivan. now, is this true for nyc men as well? because i swear, i meet guys that can barely commit to a 3-hour movie...nevertheless...

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Holly Golightly said...

interesting article, and i share your glee, hehe. i got an email about my 10-yr high school reunion too but not sure if i'm going to go. btw, i added your blog to my links :)