Thursday, July 14

Say It! I'm Your Beeyatch...ramblings and then some

my lame duck employee status doesn't account for the fact that i'm a Total Nerd--dorking out and getting all pissy over the fact that my boss is an idiot and my company is ludicrously dysfunctional. it ain't going to change, i don't know why i continue to try. so i need to learn to detach myself from this soul-sucking alternate world (20 work days left baby!) even though it's tough when I spend 8+ hours of my daily existence here. so instead of continuing this self-indulgent, blog confessional...i'll ramble about some semi-interesting, non-serious goings-on...

The Emmy Noms

still in my jammys at 8:40 am this morning, my neighbors probably thought a LUNATIC inhabited my apartment when i screamed in glee as Zach Braff's name was announced for a best actor emmy. FINALLY. after four years of producing some of the funniest, goofiest, most touching performances on the funniest, goofiest, most touching comedy on television (see previous blog), mr. braff and his brilliant show Scrubs gets its due recognition. E's tv critics kept saying that the exit of former comedy stalwarts like Friends, Sex and the City, and Frasier left the door open for some newbie nominees. My reaction? WHAAAA? Those aforementioned shows suffered from an inconsistent level of quality in their twilight years and yet still dominated at the emmys...while shows like Scrubs and Arrested Development are actually producing fresh, interesting shows on a weekly basis. case in point: this year, Will & Grace tied for the most noms for a comedy-- do people still WATCH that show? hasn't it become an endless parade of guest stars?

other emmy thumbs-ups: a nod to Terry O'Quinn (aka, the is-he-creepy-or-is-he-not Locke on Lost) and one for Sandra Oh's sassy surgery intern from Grey's Go Girl! Asian chick representin'...and who doesn't LOVE Jeremy Piven playing the asshole "let's hug it out bitch" Ari on, i miss having hbo. he kicks ass.

Happy Bastille Day!!! may have lost out on the 2012 Olympics...but who will ever forget the French Revolution? okay, okay, who will ever forget the French Revolution as displayed in all its dramatic glory in Les Miserables? Sing it with me! Do you hear the people sing, singing the songs of angry la la la la la...good stuff, man. good stuff.

during lunch, I walked over to this little french restaurant in soho, aptly named Provence, to view their street Bastille celebration. it took all the discipline i could muster to resist a free (FREE!) glass of veuve cliquot and to turn away from watching a curious game of petanque, which was being played by some rather attractive people. who are these attractive people who can escape from their jobs to sip bubbly and toss steel balls into the sand? Who? I ask, who?

Muting Harry Potter Fever

2 days left before the sixth Harry Potter hits stores and I STILL haven't finished the fifth one yet. i know, i suck. it's the procrastinator in me...but now i am 3 chapters in and on a mission to finish it, so i can be all up to speed with all the crazy potter-heads gearing up for the sixth book. the crappy thing is i can't turn on a tv or radio without hearing about the 6th book...and since i'm still paging through the 5th one...i have to mute EVERYTHING so not to ruin any shocking twists unveiled in this one. man, i really suck. 880 pages to go...

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