Sunday, October 30

A Little of This, A Lot of That

swimming in midterms and papers, my mind is not use to all the intellectual stimulation. and what's worse, my body can't seem to properly adjust to the student (lack of) sleep schedule-- daylight savings doesn't help-- throwing my system totally out of whack. yes, we earn an extra hour...but is it EVER enough? and the shorter days will only make for longer sleepless nites, no? man... sleep is such an under-rated recreational activity. it may just rival alcohol and sex. just a little bit.

student life also warrants much as we dive straight into cold, brisk autumn days, some random ramblings...

Press repeat...

don't know about you, but i go through these phases where all i do is listen to the same ten songs or the same three albums. i get obsessive like that...but also, music connects me with all the unfiltered emotions that flow through my head. so right now, i'm currently listening to...

Gimme Fiction, Spoon

this indie rock band hails from Austin, TX and pairs dense, moody lyrics with sparse muscial arrangements. i can't get over the tracks "I Summon You" and "I Turn My Camera On".

Seven Swans, Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens current release, Illinois, the latest installment in his ambitious a-record-for-every-state project, is at the top of every critics list this year. its a great record...but i can't seem to get away from this haunting, beautiful folk album that is filled with faith and intimacy.

Set Yourself on Fire, Stars

when my ipod shuffled out "One More Night" one day on my subway ride home, i was immediately hooked. a friend introduced me to this band earlier this summer...but i didn't really LISTEN until this tune caught me off guard. each track is like unwrapping a secret between lovers--we're accidently listening in on the dialogue between Amy Milan and Torquil Campbell, Stars' two lead singers. their vocalised interchange weaves together stories of heartache and breakups in between electronic pulses, rich string arrangements, and staccato drum beats.

An Ode to China...and Rachmaninoff?

over the weekend, i attended a performance at Carnegie Hall that was a celebration of sorts for the Chinese people in the metro area...okay, i exaggerate. but it was the 1st anniversary of the U.S. Chinese Chamber of Commerce (i know, i don't get it either). was it wrong that we cracked communist jokes? probably, but still. honestly, i was there for my friend...she plays for the New Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra, a community-based orchestra that features young talent, and it was their debut. i was both excited and envious of her-- playing in such hallowed space. it made me long for my piano back at my parents house...and the days when i use to be able to tap out a decent tune. sandwiched between some very patriotic chinese pieces (one, called the Yellow River Concerto, even elicited clapping from the predominantly chinese audience during the encore) was my favorite piano concerto of all time-- the Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor...played in all its dramatic glory by a celebrated chinese was just gorgeous.

Pet Peeves

what are your pet peeves? in-between pieces at the orchestra performance, my friends and i rattled off a few:

1. Clapping in-between movements during a classical music performance. okay, fine. some audience members probably don't know the difference...they think a pause is a moment to clap...but c'mon! even the announcer had to tell everyone during intermission to not clap until the END of the piece...hahaha.

2. Using text/instant-messaging acronyms in actual e-mails. this is nitpicky yes, but can't you afford to type out the full freaking word? LOL...what the hell? i just don't understand that one at all...just say haha...i get it, you think i'm funny.

3. Talking on the cell phone at the gym. this totally drives me insane. you are at the gym to WORK OUT not catch up with your girlfriends or make business calls. it's inappropriate and disruptive and rude to other gym members who just want to work off some negative energy...not acquire some more. if i wanted to know what your weekend plans were, i'd be friends with you already...but don't you think you look stupid sweating on the elliptical machine with a cell phone to your ear?

okee...back to the studying grind...


Holly Golightly said...

hehe, daylight savings at least made me feel not as guilty for sleeping past noon on sunday. only now, it's actually light when i drive to work and the sun is setting when i drive home - thus, causing the sun to be in my EYES for both parts of the commute, thus, leading to MAJOR traffic. i hate commuting!!

there's been a month-long china exhibit at the kennedy ctr over here; i haven't gotten to check out much but the plays and such were approved by the Chinese gov't so made for some interesting substance, i hear.

betina said...

I'm impressed that you know the Stars. They are great aren't they? I was instantly turned on to them when I heard that they were Canadian (course I'm instantly turned on to anything from my mother land). Then, I saw them in concert twice and became an instant fan. I love bands that have both a female and male vocal lead (aka duets). They should do a remake of the tune "secret lovers".. Okay that's random, but I really like that song as well.