Thursday, November 10

Transit Notes

you can empower citizens, but can you implement the decisions? that's the question the oft-maligned MTA has to answer after NYC voters (yay power of the vote!) approved the ballot in Tuesday's election allowing the use of state $$$ to finally finally FINALLY build the long talked about but never evolved 2nd avenue subway line. what voter would VOTE AGAINST that motion? beats me. but if you've ever taken the 4,5,6 lines during the height of rush hour-- you know: this city desperately needs an additional subway line on the east side to diffuse the crowds and increase access points. NOW. the cynic in me shakes my head and wonders-- it was great that New Yorkers were given a role in this decision-making process...but will we still be around to see this project through to its desired result? given all the subway detours/hassles/confusion created on weekends due to construction at current stations, one has to wonder...but man, don't those new red coats look snazzy on all the station attendants? i'm glad the MTA knows how to effectively spend our tax dollars...

the Christmas Tree arrived at Rockefeller Center today, cut fresh from Wayne, NJ....leading me to wonder-- where the hell did all the time go? its two weeks (TWO WEEKS!) until thanksgiving...and here i was just starting to put away my opened-toe shoes...

just saw another commercial for Rent. i am SO EXCITED. finally, a slew of new movies worth seeing as we move full speed ahead into the holidays. on my must-see list:

1. Rent
2. Walk the Line
3. Derailed
4. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
5. The Squid and the Whale
6. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
7. Chronicles of Narnia
8. Memoirs of a Geisha

any other opinions or recommendations? i haven't seen a movie since August!

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your brother said...

well i am at "work" not doing any, wasting away those NASA dollars that are soon to be earmarked to blast someone off to mars around the time shaquille o'neal is our president (it'll happen, just watch). i was going to leave a comment for the last post, but seeing as how nearly two weeks have magically occurred since having that intention, i guess i'll two-for-one it here. i hope you have not progressed beyond midterm-related stress to pre-holiday apathy as i have been doing the last, oh, seven years or so.

i heartily encourage you to check out the now-defunct beulah, quasi, the new pornos (new album not so much and i think you already know about them), the new iron+wine/calexico collaboration, silver jews, and of course new hipster sensation clap your hands say yeah (at least since summer, they may have been replaced by someone else, i dunno). though i don't watch movies anymore, i assume you want to see the new crack at "pride and prejudice" (or not?) and possibly "everything is illuminated"? oh, and the 50 cent movie too.