Thursday, November 24

Giving Thanks

despite the sudden change from fall to winter, my impending ten-year high school reunion that sent me into an introspective/mildly depressed state, and the fact that i have loads of homework to do, there are still a TON of things to be thankful for, namely:

1. the good health and happiness of my wondeful family & friends
2. a graduate program that i truly enjoy
3. the government loans & meager personal savings that allow me to attend school full-time
4. the friendships in my life that continue to grow & strengthen each year
5. new york city, despite its flaws, because just like my family and friends, i love it unconditionally and sometimes still can't believe i live here

Happy Thanksgiving! Stuff yourself with anything that makes you happy :)

1 comment:

Dan, Lover of Dim Sum said...

I find it funny that you have titled your blog something that starts with "The kind of chick who goes down..."