Tuesday, November 15

voting addendum

felt depressed after class today. i mean, i love school and haven't had access to so much learning in God knows HOW long...but my policy class is shaping me into an even bigger cynic than i already am. it's disheartening really. apparently, our political system is just a series of smoke and mirrors--data manipulation and opportunity exploitation. what happend to the voice of the people? the power of democracy and freedom? it's all crap when the majority of the voting-age population pleads apathy versus exercising their civic duty. and that foolish statement i made about what NYC voters wouldn't choose to support the transit ballot? well, i failed to acknowledge the trade-offs inherent (but hidden) in such a vote-- $ used for a new subway line means $ NOT USED for other city issues...say, eradicating poverty. revitalizing low-income neighborhoods. or my own personal cause...improving the city's public schools. dude, the reality check blows.


Holly Golightly said...

well, in VA's gubernatorial elections, i ended up voting for a Dem that basically is completely anti-abortion. not the most ideal situation, but it was either him or the other guy.

Ryan said...

Politics is definitely dirty. It's solely motivated by self interest and the debauchary of partisan politics make it unbearable sometimes. The thing is though, that's how politics are, for me, aspiring to enter politics are to change this. My logic is simple, "if you play the game and reach the top then and only then will you have the ability to force change".