Thursday, December 8

Breakups, Breakdowns

though i may not have a legitimate boyfriend, i can still remember the heartache of past breakups and anticipate the potential pain of future ones. yes, i'm a cynic. but can you blame me, its the friggin holidays?

last year, i was dating this guy for about four months and still remember very clearly that moment when we broke up. we had a very mature conversation, hugged goodbye, and i calmly exited his place before he could glimpse any tears filling my eyes. as soon as i caught a cab, i sobbed for 5 minutes straight, expunging all the frustration that comes with ending a romance. when the crying finally stopped, i took a breath, called my friend Holly and was over it. there should be songs for moments like that. and there ARE songs. there should also be songs that characterize the more wrenching affairs that leave permanent marks on our hearts. what do those sound like? sad? maybe. bitter? possibly yes.

so i'm trying to compile a list of great Break Up Songs. they could be about breaking up, moving on, longing for past love, the anger at those that broke your heart, or the memory of that Last Night together...

on my current Breakup/Breakdown playlist:

1. "By the Bed," Phantom Planet
2. "Gone for Good," The Shins
3. "Burn," Usher
4."Tiny Vessels," Death Cab for Cutie
5. "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart," Al Green
6. "Screaming Infidelities," Dashboard Confessional
7. "Your Ex-Lover is Dead," Stars
8. "When the Heartache is Over," Tina Turner
9. "Since U Been Gone," Kelly Clarkson
10. "Linger," The Cranberries
11. "I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You," Colin Hay
12. "Fling," Built to Spill
13. "One More Night (You're Ex-Lover is Still Dead)," Stars
14. "Harder Now That It's Over," Ryan Adams
15. "Once You Loved Somebody," Dixie Chicks

what's on your list?


Holly Golightly said...

hi honey bunny- i know, the holidays really get one down sometimes, i've been there with you; this year's a little better since i do have a bf, albeit a LD one that i won't see for three weeks. ew, that sounded totally pathetic, it shouldn't matter either way whether i have a bf or not!

ok, anyway, here are a few song suggestions, though i think you came up with a pretty good list; these aren't necessarily breakup songs, just sad love songs; in fact, i've discovered that i really really like sad love songs and i think it's b/c of the cynical side of me - i just love to revel in how depressing they are.

cry me a river - JT (haha, ok this is kind of a joke entry but c'mon, isn't it a great song?)
strange currencies - REM
don't think of me - dido (this is a GREAT neurotic obssessive breakup song)
you were meant for me - jewel (remember how we used to sing this in our dorm rooms in college??)
ugly girl - fleming & john

edna mode said...

Ok, Drama Queen. Here are my picks for break-up songs conducive to heavy duty moping: ain't over til it's over - lenny kravitz mistake - marvin gaye/tammi terrell
3.nothing better - postal service's too late - carole king
5.ex factor - lauryn hill
6.look what you've done - jet
7.fallen for you - sheila nichols
8.hurt so bad - little anthony
& the imperials matters to me - faith hill
10. tired of being alone - al green

edna mode said...

How could I forget?

Against all Odds - Phil Collins

edna mode said...

here's another one:

does he love you? - rilo kiley