Tuesday, February 14

Black Ice

monday morning, the day after the blizzard of 2006 (heretofore known as the day i attempted a cannonball dive into 27 inches of fresh Central Park snow!), i overhear this exchange:

man: wow, the streets have really iced over. we should be careful...

deliciously evil woman: yes, but you know what would be hilarious? watching someone wipe out!

man: that's awful.

deliciously evil woman: look, i don't want anyone to get hurt, per se...i just think it would be a good laugh..and i need a good laugh (insert cackle here)

there is nothing like snow in the city. it's beautiful for about one good hour before turning into a dreary ugly mess for us to slosh through. despite some awesome boots, my feet feel perpetually wet. and getting showered by melting snow raining off the buildings? f-un. it makes me feel oh so clean. but the WORST part is Black Ice-- the city's shitty drainage system leaves no space for quickly dissolving snow piles...leaving them to pool into dark, deceptively deep puddles along every street corner: Black Ice. What may look like the pavement is really five good inches of dirty water. I always love watching people get to a corner where they're just not so sure...how deep is the puddle? is it a puddle at all? maybe i can leap over it? and then they wait to see if some hapless person will give it a test...usually, that person is me. when's the next storm?

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