Thursday, February 16


my A-D-D has kicked into high gear...i blame winter restlessness. that, and the internet...

The poor whippet. I guess she just can't deal with the fact that Best In Show went to a funny-looking boy called, Rufus, egg-shaped head and all. Maybe she went to cower inside one of those x-ray machines. i'd look there first. aren't they good at spotting things?

So the last time a Vice President shot someone, it was a very un-accidental achievement. That's right VP Cheney, Aaron Burr at least had the decency to organize a noble duel before shooting (and killing, might i add) Alexander Hamilton, the father of our treasury system. That duel is re-created every year, right over the hudson river at the NJ think they'd be commemorating Cheney's trigger finger exploits? me don't think so...

is it wrong that i think Johnny Weir is totally cool? he's eccentric, flamboyant, a self-declared "princess" who mouths off in a way that men in sequins don't often do. and yes, it's politically incorrect, but his comparison of Torino's Olympic Village (where the athletes stay) to a concentration camp is so wrong yet right in all its icy goodness.

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