Tuesday, September 5

Laborious and Scandal-Free

Sigh. Y visited this past holiday weekend and it was nothing like her last Labor Day visit to NYC two years ago. back then, we had enough crazy, scandalous stories to regale our friends with for at least a couple of hours. they included: a day at the US Open fraught with underlying friendship tensions (between Y and her other friend, not between the two of us), a night out drinking too much Belgian beer where Y almost ruined one of her other friend's relationships (all's well now) before she and the aforementioned 'tension' friend spewed out their issues all nite long--crying like little girls on my sofa bed (awesome for me), and then a final evening of true debauchery where after much food and alcohol, we ended up ensconced in a bachelor party filled with drunk 'cowboys' ready to get it on. there was dancing. there were shots. there was a near-miss double hook-up, two seperate cab rides back to my apt, and much laughing about our stupidity as dawn was breaking. oh it was awesome.

this time? well, let's just say this time was different. here's how the weekend played out:

Friday: Y and I indulged in a 2-for-1 martini special. We started at 5pm. uh-huh. By 7 pm we were...well drunkity drunk. we even ran around Anthropologie in a drunken fury before imbibing in one more cocktail at Rockefeller Center where we were loud. Most scandalous part of the nite? that we were home in bed by 9:30 PM!!!! OMG. pathetic doesn't BEGIN to describe it. oh and the pictures of us sucking on hot peppers at a korean restaurant. pseudo-scandalous. i'm reaching here. rock on.

Saturday: we shopped in the rain. that basically sums up our day. Most scandalous part? that we went to bloomingdales with coupons in hand and came back EMPTY HANDED. this story gets sadder...

Sunday: desperate to score tix to the absolute last performance of Mother Courage and her Children, the Shakespeare in the Park production at Central Park. Meryl Streep was in it and it was certainly the hottest (free) ticket in town. however, free translates to getting up butt early to wait on line for tickets (they're limited). Most scandalous part of the night? that we woke up at effen 3 am (yes, that's A.M.) to haul our tired old asses to the park. and when we got there, we weren't even the first ones on line-- i believe we were numbers 27 and 28. craziness. Second most scandalous part of that day? we waited nine friggin hours, sprawled out on damp mulch right outside the theater. oh yea. it rocked. luckily, Meryl was amazing and didn't disappoint.

Monday: finally we were rewarded with a gorgeous day. perfect for our day at the U.S. Open. YAY! and added bonus-- we had a great schedule of tennis on tap including a match i termed 'hotness vs. hotness'-- robby ginepri v. tommy haas. robbie crashed and burned in the fifth set but his biceps didn't disappoint. sigh. Most scandalous part of the day? that U.S. Open security confiscated my $12 can of sunscreen. dude. the drama. its too much no?

So i guess the bottom line is that we're getting old. which means we've become boring. depressing but perhaps inevitable. i mean, my liver and little black book can only take so much, right? right. snooze...

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