Thursday, September 21

To D.C., With Love

it's funny how you can think you're so completely committed to a city/job/person, then you walk away briefly, experience comfort/satsifaction/happiness from another perspective, and begin to wonder: perhaps committment is over-rated? heh.

a year ago, i didn't think i could ever consider living in another city. but as i approach my last year at grad school, i find myself with more than just career choices ahead of me, but city choices too. it's not that i no longer love New York, but my summer in D.C. did prove that its possible for me to make a home elsewhere. obviously, it also helps to have an amazing group of friends there that made adjustment to life outside of NYC that much more palatable.

now today is the last official day of summer. it certainly came and went waaaay too quickly. so i thought i should take pause, reflect on my summer experience, and send a little valentine to the city and my friends--particularly Y, J& R, Holly, JMc, EQ, and Sep-- for making the summer so much fun for me. hell, there were moments where i even forgot (gasp!) a bit about New York.

Some favorite moments and places:

  • The newly re-opened Smithsonian Museum of American Art & the National Portrait Gallery was a favorite destination of mine this summer. The historic building offers visitors a clean, unfettered experience-- brightly lit corridors, spacious viewing galleries that provides a 2-for-1 art deal. i especially loved the William Wegman 'Funny/Strange' exhibit. The man was more than just the guy who took the dog pictures.
  • Y and I dancing it up and falling in love with the lead singer of We Are Scientists, during their too-quick concert at The Black Cat. they're young. they're cute. they're sarcastic. basically, they're PERFECT. sigh.
  • Taking too many shots with my Grad School Gals in Adams Morgan. they made me feel like i was a 23 year old babe again...
  • Watching the lightning storm around the Capitol Building while picnicking with Y, Holly, and two J's. wait a minute. actually, we were there for D.C.'s Screen on the Green classic movie-fest. best part? that Holly brought wine in Perrier bottles (she was afraid we'd get caught by the alcohol-free police). did you know that one bottle of wine barely fills two bottles of perrier? well, its true. second best part of that nite? Bogie and Bacall.
  • Larry's Ice Cream. Man, I miss this. I think it was the only place I frequented more than three times. their unique flavors (especially the Cleopatra and the Fred & Ginger) are almost better than sex. I said almost.
  • Attempting to play frisbee at Burke Lake Park in VA with J&R. oh and Y. she may have a post-graduate degree, but girl can't toss a frisbee to save her life!
  • Running around in the heat (and I mean the HEAT!) of summer doing a D.C.-MD-VA scavenger hunt. yes, i said scavenger hunt. Y and I ran around the metro area with sixty odd other crazy 'young professionals' in an event sponsored by Things to Do D.C. Our team took the laid back approach. if by laid-back, you mean cut-throat competitive. I think I laughed when an opposing team person fell running up the Metro escalators. idiot.
  • Finally visiting Teddy Roosevelt Island. It's small! It's filled with trees! It's also named in honor of my favorite President. beautiful. but bring bug spray.
  • Exploring the amazing (but very un-free) Phillips Collection with Sep. She and I spent a couple of post-work hours marveling at the exquisite exhibit space, stood enamored by the famed Renoir in its permanent collection, and of course, barealy avoided total embarrassment when Sep nearly fell straight into a Klimt masterpiece. Good job Sep, good job.
  • And of course, enjoying the thrills of the suburbs. including shopping at the mall, eating at The Cheesecake Factory, matinee movies at less than ten dollars (!), downing cheap (but out-of-place) beers with Holly at roadside joint Hank Dietle's Tavern (a most random bar nestled between strip malls), and eating lots and lots of shaved ice smothered in condensed milk goodness at a local Taiwanese eatery. oooooh how i miss the shaved ice!

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