Friday, September 29

It's Just TV, right?

It’s pathetic, really. The most exciting thing that’s happened to me in the past 2 weeks is the start of the new television season. Oh yea. I do indeed live an interesting life. And as a full-time student, is there a better way to procrastinate than watching tv? Why yes. There’s surfing the net, reading blogs, cooking, window-shopping, drinking… I do all those things too. But nothing is as much fun as observing/reacting to other people’s (some real, some very much not real) extra-ordinary lives streaming before me on that big flat screen.

Highlights for me this week? Well definitely the latest installment of Project Runway. I’ve been obsessed since season 1 but this season has been STELLAR. Loads of drama, loads of bad taste (can we say, rosettes?), a bit of bitch slapping, and of course, the lovely Tim Gunn. If only we could all have mentors like The Gunn. And I'm happy with the Final Four and am ecstatic they all get a fair shot at winning the prize and showing at Fashion Week (for a sneak peak, there are photo stills of The Four’s twelve pieces available for the obsessed among us). Michael’s my favorite but I grew a soft spot for Laura after her breakdown. She isn’t a total Ice Queen. But oh how I miss Robert Best. He was labeled ‘boring’ by the judges but he had the funnest personality. I want to be his fag hag. Ha.

What else keeps me attached to the remote? The new season of The Office and Grey’s Anatomy. Love those shows. They are completely different but both make me laugh and cry and sometimes cringe (if you saw The Office’s brilliant season premiere, you know exactly what I mean). However, I really do dislike Meredith Grey. I know she’s supposed to be flawed and ‘relatable’—but I don’t think she’s all that. She’s whiny, and frankly, her boy problems? Choosing between McDreamy and a very grown-up Chris O’Donnell? Oh the dilemma….

New shows that have me setting my VCR? Justice on Fox gives me the Victor Garber fix I need to keep me going after Alias’ swan song last May. He’s no longer Spy Daddy…he’s Big Bad Lawyer Daddy. God, I love him. And it has Kerr Smith (aka Gay Jack from Dawson’s Creek). And the show’s episodic so you don’t really need to watch in sequence to figure out the premise (each week features a new trial/case). Another winner is the new ABC dramedy Ugly Betty. Sort of like The Devil Wears Prada, but there’s no magical transformation for the main character. She is who she is—and apparently, because she’s not lean and tall and blonde and has couture taste, she is labeled ‘ugly’—which is so offensive since America Ferrera is quite beautiful. Watch her in Real Woman Have Curves and try to disagree with me. Try. As Betty, Ferrara has an endearing on-screen presence that charms you in for the full-hour despite the show’s standard (and clichéd) storyline.

What's makes matter worse is now, with the quick evolution of interactive media, all the major networks are creating numerous ways for fans to extend their obsession beyond mere viewership. The Office, has special webisdoes that spotlight some of the more minor (yet brilliant) characters on the show. Other shows feature characters with their own blogs. Grey's Anatomy has an entire section dedicated to music used in each episode and enables fans to sample or download songs via iTunes. And if you're not home to watch a show (or don't own a Tivo like me), don't fret. In fact, don't even set your VCR. All you need is a little patience and access to a fast internet connection because each of the major networks are offering full-episode replays of their shows online 24 hours after airing. Great. Even MORE ways for me to procrastinate. I need to spice up my life real soon or else I'll never leave the house!


betina chan said...

I can so totally relate to your life with tv.. seriously.. I think I've picked up three new shows to watch on top of my 5 other shows that are returning. And no, I don't have a tivo.. I have a patient fiance with a VCR :)

Anyways thanks for posting up the PR shots from the NY Fashion Show.. I love Jeffrey's stuff.. and yes he can be totally mean, but I love this rock star, yet playful slightly romantic look. See, the west coast is totally influencing me. Don't know whose going to win it all though. If it's INC choosing, it'll probably be Laura's.. but I do love them all.. they are so different.

Holly Golightly said...

haha, i'm so glad you wrote an entry about the new tv season... or i totally would have. my non-tv loving friends (and yes, *gasp*, i have them) all laugh when i exclaimed how completely excited i was at the start of the new tv season. so much tv, so little time!! i still haven't quite narrowed down all the new shows i'll keep but i'm thinking 'Ugly Betty' will be one of them.