Thursday, October 5

Be Good.

i have a crush. but not on a person, on a magazine. Good magazine, to be precise. it's goal is simple, yet bold: create a medium to discuss, debate, and demand knowledge on things that matter. what does that mean?'s a broad mission. pick up the magazine's premiere issue (September 2006) and you see the following statement staring back at you: _______ like you give a Damn. it's at once empowering and intimidating...wait, we get to fill in the blank? WE get a voice? oh yes we do. and that kinda sums up Good's concept. it asks its readers to be fearless, to take action, and give voice to the problems/ideas/passions that move us to do 'good' things. and what i really appreciate is its admission that being 'good' doesn't mean we have to reject the institutions that sometimes frustrate us, but to understand how to turn those barriers into opportunties.

Good offers an innovative approach, and its content and design reflects this. it's sorta like a hybrid of The Economist, Rolling Stone, and Wired but all with an eye towards social change and transparency. printed on recycled paper, the first page opens up to a Vision Statement, a visual piece that frames the theme of each issue. for the premiere: America, Love it or Fix it. pieces range from features on social entrepreneurs to editorials on urban life to a guide to the midterm elections, which includes stickers (stickers!) and a mix of cartoon-y artwork with edgy photographs. running on top of each page are a set of icons that act as content area guides--e.g. business, health, culture, living, etc. running on the bottom margin of each page are not just photo and story credits, but also website info for groups/people featured in each story.

the magazine is also philanthropic-- 100% of the $20 subscription fee (which buys you 6 issues) will go to one of twelve partner charities. and these charities range in causes from grassroots education groups (the amazing DonorsChoose) to established global organizations like The World Wildlife Fund. the number of subscribers and dollars raised is tracked in total and then disaggregated by each charity partner-- with a total goal of $1M, or 50,000 subscribers. and the magazine is filled with non-traditional ad buys all with messages towards the socially aware consumer.

so what are you waiting for? do some Good and subscribe.

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