Friday, December 29

NY Gems

today, i ventured up to Upper Manhattan via the M4 bus...which, though lovely to be above ground on a such a sunny day, it still took 90 EFFEN MINUTES to get from 83rd and Madison to 190th and Fort Washington. but i digress as the journey was worth it. i got to re-visit one of NYC's gems: The Cloisters. this Metropolitan Museum of Art outpost is exclusively dedicated to European medieval art, most famous of its exhibits are the unicorn tapestries. it's a beautiful but somber place, with magnificent views of the Hudson River and George Washington Bridge. i was there for a concert for which my spectacularly talented friend Misch performed in. she performed as a part of a Trio featuring medeival chants and songs celebrating Christmas. i sat for an hour just transfixed by the purity of their voices. what a gift.

and lest i forget another gem in NYC, i finally uploaded some pics from my visit to the NY Botanical Garden back in October. M.E. accompanied me on a b-day field trip to this section of the Bronx to partake in the Chihuly Blown Glass Exhibit there. it was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday-- walking around the immense and immaculate gardens, examining the precision in the glasswork and spending some quality time with a new friend.

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