Wednesday, January 3

Good Riddance 2006!

well another year has ended. and i am proud to say that this year, my new years eve did not include any of the following: puking, black-outs, temper tantrums, or losing a cell phone. hooray me! even more surprising, i wasn't even that drunk when the clock struck twelve...tipsy, yes. but drunk? nope. and to think, i was doing the wine dinner at Cite. that's right, wine dinner. six bottles of wine for the six gals round the table. it was awesome. we dressed up, chatted and gossipped and downed our steaks (or in M.E.'s case, fish) like the lovely amazing single ladies that we are. fuck men. and fuck the couples sitting around us. we were definitely having the best time at the restaurant.

no end-of-year-send-off is without a recap to the year that was. so here's my personal version of a best/worst of list for 2006...

Five Things I Won't Miss from 2006:

1. The first 25 minutes. where i learned that drinking more than 8 glasses of champagne doesn't just blur your vision, it also leads to bad decision-making, like choosing a cab where the driver is a first class prick. so i messed up your cab, you messed up my nite. jerk.

2. The assholes I dated. from the one who said goodbye via text (classy move buddy) to the one with absolutely no bedroom etiquette, i am done with both of you. seriously. fresh start for 2007, thank you very much.

3. All the fights I had (or didn't have, because some times we can be so passive-aggressive) with family and friends. I'm sorry. Whatever it was, it was most likely petty and I am sure I was as much a hurtful instigator as I was hurt. Here's to forgiveness :)

4. That really really horrible statistics class I endured from January - May. 90 minutes a week could not have passed ANY slower.

5. The result of this game. It took a lot of emotion out of me. Although exhilirating, this year I hope for a win.

Five Things I Won't Forget from 2006:

1. Getting the internship of my dreams. It is rare to hope and work for something and then to actually obtain it...with opportunity comes enormous expectations. although challenging, the job was the first positive professional experience i've had in a couple of years.

2. One really great first date. Although it didn't turn into everlasting love (and though I'm still a little bitter), I still hope to re-capture that feeling. let's just hope i'm a little less gushy next time.

3. Three great months living in D.C. I had a ton of fun.

4. Some awesome concerts. This is random, but going to live music events really energizes me and allows me to forget any stress going on in my life. you can't beat that feeling. from seeing New Pornographers at the New Yorker Festival to rocking out at We Are Scientists (in D.C. and Brooklyn), i want to make sure this year includes more music.

5. Buidling stronger friendships, with both old and new friends. You really can never have too many...and without them, I'd be a neurotic mess.

good riddance 2006. hoping for a longer best-of list in 2007...

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