Tuesday, January 9


now that we're more than a week into the new year, i finally feel ready to make some of those new years resolutions. one of them, of course, will NOT be to procrastinate less. ha! other resolutions not making the cut: drink less (puh-leez), eat less (i don't do diets), curse less (fucking impossible), and study more (more? i can barely avoid procrastinating!). and no cop-out ones like get my master's. cuz, well...that is definitely going to happen. definitely. but real, genuine resolutions? well here goes nothing...let's see how long i last. i think the over/under is about 6 weeks. we'll see if i get there.

1. Drink more milk. but not with tea. and by more, i mean a full 2 glasses a day. i just can't rely on the milk i pour in my coffee or cereal. it does a body good, right?

2. Work out at least 3 times a week. this will hopefully counteract the NOT drinking and eating less.

3. Try to minimize the number of fights I have with my parents. This will require a ton of patience and managing my temper...which will be tough every time my mom reminds me that finding a husband is like finding a job...

4. Spend more time with ALL of my friends.

5. BUDGET! BETTER! i think i did a good job trying to save money this past year (and investing smartly so i wouldn't spend)...but with the prospect of paying down education loans in the not-so-far future, i should really try to spend less money on on frivolous things. but that doesn't include food and alcohol. c'mon! i need to sustain myself somehow!

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