Monday, May 14

oh apolo

Y is sooooo going to kill me for actually posting about this. but i'm gonna. try to stop me! the power of fluffy reality television has me in its crazy grip and i'm completely obsessed with this season's Dancing with the Stars. go ahead and judge me, i don't care. sure, i mocked season 1 (um, who the hell are these D-list celebrities?) but once NFL legends Jerry Rice and Emmit Smith signed up to jive, quick-step, and cha-cha-cha into MY HEART i was sold. if manly football players can revel in such sequined glory then i'll have no shame in watching them do it.

and this season, i am officially in love. IN LOVE with apolo anton ohno. oh my goodness, who knew a short-track speed skater could shake his hips?!?! he is such a little fellow (no way i buy the 5' 8'' listed as his 'official' height) but man, when he launches into his latin dances, it's like porn. seriously, i'm not sure what i'm going to do monday nights after the show ends next week. i need someone to make me an apolo dance-montage-video so on those lonely nights, i can slip into something comfortable, sip a dirty martini and just watch apolo dance the rumba over and over and me!


Tim said...

Yeah. He's dreamy alright. Not that I'm into dudes or anything. I just can't imagine watching reality tv for more than one episode. I hope school didn't burn your brain out this semester!

I figured there must be a fan montage out there and I saw one on Youtube:


Holly Golightly said...

i watched the last two seasons of DWTS but i have to say, i've been much less into it this season though there are some really good star-dancers. maybe if i had kept at it, i would feel as you do about apolo...