Wednesday, May 9

the final countdown...

cue the music. there will be no more delaying of adulthood, no more wasting away a random tuesdays watching bad daytime TV because I have no class and rather endure Rosie yapping on The View than read another econ paper.yep the time has come no matter how much i want to just pause and enjoy it. i am mere hours from receiving my masters degree. or at least, standing up and receiving a faux diploma until all my grades check out since it's possible i could have truly screwed up my final final exam last night. let's just say i should never be asked to design a government provided income subsidy program for the unemployed. EVER.

commencements are such silly events. we get dressed up in ugly, oversized coats and wear stupid hats and convince ourselves that its a 'regal' affair. but i know it's something my family really love (or at least, pretend to love) and i'm hoping the years since my last dance to pomp and circumstance has given me better perspective on how to handle myself: this day is not for me, it's for them. so i am going to try really really REALLY (that's an extra really) hard to be mature, exercise extreme patience, and smile happily when my parents want yet another picture of me with the Dean. yea, so i guess i'll just have to suppress all my natural tendencies. i am sooooo gonna need a Big Drink after this week.

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